Edge Resources YAML Specification

iofogctl allows users to manage a Controller's list of Edge Resources. To learn more about Edge Resources, please see here.

The Edge Resource is defined as follows:

apiVersion: iofog.org/v3
kind: EdgeResource
  name: smart-door
  namespace: default
  name: smart-door
  version: v1.0.0
  description: Very smart door
  interfaceProtocol: https
      - name: open
        method: PUT
        url: /open
      - name: close
        method: PUT
        url: /close
      - name: destroy
        method: DELETE
        url: /endOfTheWorld
    name: Smart Door
    icon: accessible-forward
  custom: {}
Field Description
name User defined name
version User defined version
description Human readable description of the Edge Resource
interfaceProtocol Protocol the microservices must use to communicate with the resource. It also determines the schema of the interface key. Currently, one of: http, https, ws, wss
interface Specification of the available communication interface
display Information about how to display the attached Edge Resource in the ECN-Viewer
display.name Display label
display.icon Name of the material icon to be used on the map (optional)
custom Free object containing anything else the microservice might need to know about the resource.

HTTP, HTTPS, WS and WSS Interface specification

Field Description
endpoints Array of endpoint definition
endpoints.name name of the endpoint
endpoints.description description of the endpoint
endpoints.method One of 'GET', 'POST', 'PUT', 'PATCH', 'DELETE', 'HEAD', 'OPTIONS'
endpoints.url URL of the endpoint
endpoints.requestType mime-type of the request
endpoints.responseType mime-type of the response
endpoints.requestPayloadExample stringified request payload example
endpoints.responsePayloadExample stringified response payload example