Agent Configuration

iofogctl provides an AgentConfig resource for dynamic management of Agents.

AgentConfig is usually deployed after an Agent in order to modify its behaviour. Note that the Agent kind also contains configuration details in the same way that AgentConfig does which means that you can specify custom configuration of Agents at deploy-time.

An Agent Configuration can be retrieved using iofogctl describe agent-config <AGENT_NAME>.

An Agent Configuration can be deployed using iofogctl deploy -f agent-config.yaml. The following is a sample of AgentConfig YAML content:

kind: AgentConfig
  name: agent-1 # ioFog Agent name
  # All fields are optional - Only the specified fields will be updated
  name: agent-1
  description: agent running on VM
  latitude: 46.204391
  longitude: 6.143158
  agentType: auto
  dockerUrl: unix:///var/run/docker.sock
  diskLimit: 10
  diskDirectory: /var/lib/iofog-agent/
  memoryLimit: 4096
  cpuLimit: 80
  logLimit: 10
  logDirectory: /var/log/iofog-agent/
  logFileCount: 10
  statusFrequency: 10
  changeFrequency: 10
  deviceScanFrequency: 60
  bluetoothEnabled: true
  watchdogEnabled: false
  abstractedHardwareEnabled: false
  upstreamRouters: ['default-router']
  networkRouter: ''
    routerMode: edge
    messagingPort: 5672
    edgeRouterPort: 56721
    interRouterPort: 56722
  dockerPruningFrequency: 1
  logLevel: INFO
  availableDiskThreshold: 90